Pinnacle Town Center

Find Your Inner Peace at Divine Life Yoga


If you're looking for a yoga studio with a homey, welcoming feel, it doesn't get much homier than Divine Life Yoga. After all, the yoga studio is actually tucked away in the quiet suburban home of owner Hillary. A red-brick fireplace stands at one end of the room, and hanging on it, a painting of a beautiful hillside scene that brings the zen. Next to it, Hillary piles cushions, blankets, and other props to use during class.

Sign up for a session to experience the restorative benefits of a class with Hillary. She keeps the size relatively small, capping registration at 11 students. This allows her to spend time with each pupil and provide any assistance necessary. Hillary focuses on yoga that caters to the 40-plus crowd, but welcomes practitioners of all ages who are looking for a slower flow.

Public Domain/Pixabay/geralt