Pinnacle Town Center

Burn Hundreds of Calories at Zengo Cycle Kentlands


An indoor cycling studio unlike anything around, Zengo Cycle Kentlands will take you for the ride of a lifetime. Come unplug from your hectic day and enjoy a challenging, full-body escape from the world as you turn your focus inward under the dim lights and intense music pumping all around you. Let the energy of your fellow cyclists inspire and charge you as you get a workout for your body and a reprieve for your busy mind.

With this full-body, cycle-centric workout, your legs will always be pedaling and engaged while your upper body moves to the beat, keeping your core, obliques and triceps tight. The certified master instructors are welcoming and encouraging for newcomers and experienced cyclists alike, and will help you find the perfect balance of challenge and zen in your own workout. Various class packages are available to fit your budget as well. Come try Zengo Cycle Kentlands and take your mind and body on an exciting fitness ride you won’t soon forget!