Pinnacle Town Center

Try Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken at Limon


If you’ve never had Peruvian rotisserie chicken, you need to get to Limon. Don’t let the simple atmosphere of this counter-service restaurant fool you; the juicy, authentically spiced Peruvian rotisserie chicken is unforgettable and delicious whether enjoyed in dining room or brought home as an easy family dinner. Paired with traditional sides like beans, plantains or yucca and you’ll have an international meal that all your dining partners will rave about.

While the chicken is their main draw, it’s only because as a new restaurant diners haven’t had a chance to sample all the other Peruvian delights housed at Limon. The Pollo Saltado, carne asada and ceviche are so divinely spiced and prepared that you’ll wonder why you haven’t frequented more Peruvian restaurants before. For those that are not interested in the South American cuisine, more regional fare like subs, burgers and salads are available as well. Limon is going to be your new go-to for a quick bite to eat or a convenient and delicious take-out dinner!