Pinnacle Town Center

Royal Bagel Bakery and Deli Combines Jewish and Italian Baking Traditions to Create Delicious Breakfasts


Royal Bagel Bakery and Deli is unique for a lot of reasons. This Germantown hotspot combines both Jewish and Italian culinary traditions to bring its customers everything from sliced rye and egg-washed bagels to delicate chocolate cheese puffs and glazed blueberry cake donuts.

Stop by on your way to work and grab an eye-opening cup of joe, along with an apple turnover or a couple of donuts for breakfast (pick up a full dozen and make yourself popular at the office). Alternatively, you might head over to the bakery with a couple of colleagues during your lunch break and chow down on over-stuffed subs filled with your choice of turkey, roast beef, pastrami, and more. Plenty of Yelp reviewers say this deli is one of their favorite local eateries, so keep it in mind next time you find yourself craving a hearty, satisfying sandwich or a sweet treat.