Pinnacle Town Center

Get Competitive With the Whole Family With Games at Shadowland


Shadowland is a unique venue for family fun: it's a constantly-shifting arena full of obstacles, flashing lights, and players wielding high-tech laser tag equipment. You can even choose what you'd like your adventure to be like, from challenges with misty fog and specialty music added to the experience, or even eerie sounds and flashing lights.

Experienced laser tag players will want to jump right in, but even those who have never played before will find themselves well-equipped. You see, the staff does a thorough briefing before each game, during which you'll learn how to maneuver around the field of play in your high-tech suit, become familiar with the rules governing the game, and go over important safety information. Bring a group of kids and let your time on the game floor help teach them the value of cooperation and strategy, or bring your office out on a Friday afternoon for a fun-filled team-building exercise. Shadowland is even very popular for birthday parties!

624 Quince Orchard Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
(301) 330-5546