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Boca Botana’s Tapas Bar: South American Cuisine That Will Take Your Dinner Plans to New Places


What’s better than a big group of friends getting together at a restaurant at the end of the week? Well, regulars at Boca Botana’s Tapas Bar say that it’s sharing each dish by ordering it tapas-style, and that’s exactly what this restaurant encourages!

The menu at Boca Botana’s Tapas Bar is focused on South and Central American cuisine, so you might start your visit with a handful of appetite-whetting starters like cheese pupusas, crispy fried plantains, or quinoa shrimp. Then, move onto a selection of heartier choices, like Argentinian grilled steak or mango-infused ceviche. Be aware that this place is quite new (it opened in the final months of 2015), so you’ll feel like you’re in-the-know when you invite your crew to Boca Botana’s Tapas Bar.

Boca Botana’s Tapas Bar

239 Muddy Branch Road

Gaithersburg, MD 20878

(240) 702-0869