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People and Dogs Alike Will Enjoy an Afternoon at Black Hill Regional Park

When warm weather comes back around, Boyds residents excitedly head over to Black Hill Regional Park, a local attraction with lots of land and outdoor features for everyone.
With over 2,000 acres of stunning property, Black Hill Regional Park has become one of Maryland’s most renowned public parks. There are a wide variety of outdoor activities for every visitor to take part in. From boat riding and fishing to the cozy picnic areas and extensive nature trails, guests of all ages and interests will have a blast at these fun features. Black Hill Regional Park also has a nice visitor center, where you'll find a number of fun and educational nature programs. If you're looking for something to do with your furry friend, the park also has a great dog park that Fido will love.
Black Hill Regional Park is open from sunrise until sunset every day of the year.
Black Hill Regional Park
20930 Lake Ridge Drive
Boyds, MD 20841
(301) 528-3490